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10/5/2014 photos are ready.

Right click on any image to download - no charge, of course.

One of today's favorites.

Sit on beach
Such beauty in what might seem ordinary.

From the "Special" selection:


...And below - the impossible... 

Of course, the problem here is the weather - I still don't have a sunrise shot without cloud cover. I can easily replace this
sky & sunrise background to fit within our subject's fingers after I take that illusive photo.

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   10/3/2014 Sunrise beach photos.

   Here we are --- "Beach Friends" and "Beach Friends Cropped".

This is a rather quick optimization; scroll down to see the original.

Thanks to our four friends.  Right click on any image to download - no charge, of course. The downloaded files are of sufficient quality and resolution for up to an 8X10, should you want it printed. (Walmart is good for this.)

I just now posted the original; the third image.  It is the original non-optimized photo on the bottom for comparison purposes.

Beach Friends

Beach Friends Cropped

Original Four Friends

Four Friends Original

Original out of camera (Nikon 7100). Very dark; nearly a silhouette.

Four friends - please email your opinions, (or don't). Larry@foreverphoto.us


Below are a couple samples of digitized photographs that have been optimized.

After hanging on a wall for 30 years. The impossible restoration.

Before  After
Before                                                                            After



Some photos can be improved, but there are practical limitations, as below.